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it has to be WINNIE THE POOH!
What is your favorite Disney movie?
Where is one new place you’d like to visit?

Im Always Thinking About You

Taemin was always thinking about Key. How his hips swayed side to side. How he looked so damn sexy.  As Key danced Genie on Star King, Taemin felt a bulge. Fuck, it didn’t feel as good as everybody said it would.  He knew he liked his hyung, but enough to get an erection.  Taemin felt his bulge getting bigger and bigger as Key moved his sexy legs while following the music.  Taemin couldn’t handle it but he tried his best.  Luckily after Key’s dance, they had a break.  Taemin grabbed Key’s hand and pulled him into the nearest dressing room and pinned Key on to the brick walls of the dressing room.  Taemin connected Key and him with am inexperience sloppy kiss.  Taemin broke the kiss by removing his lips and moving it to Key’s neck.  Bitting as hard as he can, making bite marks on Key’s neck.  Key moaned and grinded against Taemin’s hard and pre-cum dick.  Taemin moaned and he could see that Key really wanted him but he decides on just provoking Key until Key REALLY wants him. Taemin moved his hand towards Key’s pants, unbuckling Key’s pants and pulling out Key’s hard dick.  Hyung, I... love you”

Taemin jerked Key off in a rapid motion, not missing a beat.  Key came onto his favorite shirt and growled at Taemin because he made Key dirty his favorite shirt. Taemin pulled Key’s pants off exposing Key’s creamy skin.  Taemin groped both of Key’s butt cheeks stretching Key’s hole exposing the tightness and the sperm flowing down Key’s thighs.  Taemin licked the tight hole and poked at it teasing the boy.  Taemin pulled down his tights, and grabbed his dick and forced Key’s hand on to his hard dick rubbing it untill Key couldn’t handle it anymore.  Key came onto Taemin’s face while panting like a dog has just finished a walk.  

“T-Taemin, just push it in already!!” stuttered Key.  Taemin stared at Key’s pitiful face, staring at him like how a cat would stare at a mouse walking from corner to corner.  Taemin couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed Key’s dick and started pumping it while pushing in one finger into Key’s hot, tight ass.  Taemin added 1 more finger until there were 2 fingers searching inside Key’s ass.  Pushing his fingers inside of Key, Key scream in pain but he knew he loved it.  Taemin finally got his whole fist up Key’s ass and started pumping into Key’s ass.  Key moaned in enjoyment, yet letting out a painful scream of agony.  Key couldn’t handle it anymore, he grabbed Taemin’s dick and pushed it in, until Taemin’s whole dick was inside Key’s hot and tight ass.  Taemin thrusted into Key’s ass not missing a beat.  It was like ring ding dong in his ass.  Taemin finally reached his climax, and came into Key’s ass.

“S-so hot!  Taemin your cum is....” Sperm dripped from Key ass onto his thighs.  Taemin bent over and licked off the remaining cum.  Key shivered, as the hot tongue traced his body all over.  

 “Taemin. You bitch.  Stealing my virginity.  Whatever.” Key said with a little doubt in his words.  Key kissed Taemins’ cheek, put on his pants and wiped the leftover cum on his FAVORITE shirt. 

“Taemin, lets go, break is almost over.” Key grabbed Taemin’s hands and pulled him to the stage.  

 “Taemin, this is the moment you can never forget.”

 This is the moment of your life...


          This is bad, I know, but its my first time writing a fic, or well posting it at least.  So if your going to comment, please say nice things, if your going to say “OH this sucks” dont even bother too plz .


Writer's Block: Friends 4 ever

Do you have a best friend? How old is your friendship?

Ya I do~~~~ its been 10 years already!!! 

Writer's Block: Happily ever after…

What's Harry going to do now that the series is over?

I guess make a sequel maybe.  Their kids are gonna have an adventure on their own with the help of their parents.  Dont know if this will happen though

Writer's Block: What would ____ do?

 If i had a chance to be somebody, i would pick a korean idol, because i want to know how it feels like to be an idol.